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It’s a holiday galore

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By Florence Gichoya

Superior Mudaala my Zambian friend had warned me that there are so many public holidays in Zambia I will get bored of them. I have been here for almost a month and there have been 3 public holidays already.

In February when Zambia won the Africa Cup of Nations trophy, a public holiday was declared. March 8th was International Women’s day and a public holiday. Four days later another holiday! It was the Youth day, a day dedicated to celebrate the youth and their contribution for the country. I would be interested to know if there is any other country that has a national youth day.

On public holidays offices are closed and people get to relax at home, visit friends, travel, and for others they party the day away. Whatever the activities people engage in, they are just glad to have a break from the office and school. Below are upcoming holidays in Zambia.

• Good Friday – 6th April
• Holy Saturday – 7th April
• Easter Monday – 9th April
• Labour Day is – 1st May
• Africa Day – 25th May
• Heroes’ Day – 2nd July
• Unity Day – 3rd July
• Farmers’ Day – 6th August
• Independence Day – 24th October
• Christmas Day – 25th December
• Boxing Day – 26th December

At this rate my country Kenya is holiday deprived. There are only 7 public holidays, including Easter and Christmas holidays. I plan to enjoy the holidays as they come. And to my friend Superior Mudaala, I don’t think I will be bored any time soon. If anything I already have plans of activities to do in the impending holidays.


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