Month: May 2014

Has Kenya turned to be a haven for terror?

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By Florence Gichoya

On Saturday as Kenya joined the rest of the world in celebrating Press Freedom Day, another terror attack happened in Mombasa and 3 people lost their lives and 13 were injured. Within 24 hours there was another terror attack on buses on Thika road and 3 died and 82 were injured.  Maybe it’s my instincts but I have observed that the recent 2014 terror attacks have happened a day before President Uhuru Kenyatta travels abroad or on the day he arrives from foreign visits. Below are few examples.

1. The Likoni church attack happened on March 23rd and Uhuru’s road trip to Tanzania was on March 24th.

2. Eastleigh blast was on March 31st and Uhuru was scheduled to travel to Belgium/Turkey on 1st April.

3. The Pangani police station attack happened the day Uhuru came back from Qatar. (April 23rd)

4. #MombasaBlast happened today (May 3rd) and Uhuru is set to travel to Nigeria tomorrow (March 4th) for a 3 day state visit.

5. Two buses on Thika Road were attacked on May 5th the day president Uhuru was leaving the country for Nigeria.

One of the bus that was attacked on Thika Road
One of the bus that was attacked on Thika Road

I may not be a security expert but as a concerned citizen, the frequency and coincidence of terror attacks is disturbing. So far government officials have assured Kenyans on the need to be vigilant and report suspects to the police, but we need more action than rhetoric. The terrorists live among us and know how to circumvent the security forces though corruption and absconding bail when arrested. Maybe it’s time we amended some of our laws, for instance why do we treat terrorism like a normal crime? We also need to give the National Intelligence Service powers to arrest terror suspects otherwise the blame game between Kenya police and NIS will continue.