Students Marvel with over-the-top luncheon

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By Florence Gichoya

I was ecstatic when i received an invitation to a luncheon organized by food and beverage management students from Machakos University College. The institution is located in Machakos county which is 64 km from Nairobi city. Machakos has made a lot of development progress through its robust leadership as evident in media reports. I arrived 30 minutes before time so that i could take a walk round the town and attest the growing opportunities in the town.

The students were expected to prepare a three course meal for 40 guests. The creativity of was evident as they had set up the restaurant with African decor giving a relaxed ambiance. The starter was served and it was velvety pumpkin soup laced with natural yoghurt. I must say that the soup was very delicious and had peppery feel to it.

The main course was a scrumptious meal of vegetable rice and braised ox liver accompanied with buttered red cabbage. The food presentation was exquisite and it only geared up my appetite. The meal was very delicious and it was evident by the positive remarks coming from the invited guests.

As for desert I went for a serving of fresh assorted fruits dipped in vanilla cream. The students also served cold orange juice which was made of blended oranges.

I enjoyed my lunch very much and commended the students for job well done. Indeed they are well prepared to work in the growing hospitality industry in Kenya. The trip to Machakos county was worth it, in fact i urged the school administration to organize such activities more often. And i informed them that i would be sharing the experience with my readers.

Below is the recipe of the best pumpkin soup you will ever find.

pumpkin soup


  • Pumpkin shallots
  • Celery
  • Leeks
  • Bouquet garni (which is made of bay leaves, black pepper and white pepper)
  • Natural yoghurt

Pumpkin soup preparation:

  1. Saute the pumpkin shallots with butter
  2. Lightly add chopped celery and leek and stir
  3. Cook lightly and then add pumpkin cut into cubes
  4. Cook until soft
  5. When the pumpkin is ready allow it to cool
  6. Puree the pumpkin and add the bouquetgarni
  7. Serve with two spoons of natural yoghurt

Try it out, i know you will love it!


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